Service Plans
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What is a service plan?

A service plan is a contractual agreement that covers a specified number of services over a set period of time, with an agreed monthly payment. These are typically more affordable than paying the full cost of a service all at once.

Why use a service plan?

The most important part of maintaining your vehicle and maximising its resale value, is by taking it in for regular service. We offer service plans to carry this financial burden.

What does a service plan cover?

Servicing a vehicle involves routine replacement of engine oil, filters, spark plugs, lubricants and other OEM specified components that keep your vehicle in top shape. It can vary as different car components need to be replaced at certain points in your car’s life cycle. A service plan has you covered for minor and major service, which differs according to the cost of the OEM replacement parts and the amount of work required.

What is a maintenance plan?

We also offer maintenance plans which include everything on the service plan plus the replacement, maintenance and repair of specific wear-and-tear parts, when necessary. 

Service Plan Benifits

Covers the following OEM vehicle components

Spark Plugs

Pollen Filter

Sump Plug

Aircon Regas

Full Vehicle Inspection

Wheel Alignment


Air Filter

Roadside Assist

Engine Oil

Oil Filter

Engine Wash

Fuel Filter

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